A deep canyon is explored.

            A deep feeling is shared.

      A deep secret is revealed.


The story of Teek, a stout-hearted ground squirrel who discovers his own rare wisdom while facing the hidden dangers of the canyon below the towering cliffs of the rim rock. The Rimrock Trilogy combines the natural history of Central Oregon, with a mystical story of the creatures in the Deschutes River Canyon.

The story begins at the top of a volcanic cindercone, where a young Walter Prudy makes a strong connection with a ground squirrel. This adventure begins from there and takes you on a journey of wonder several years later, as the now aging Walter stumbles down an embankment, into the canyon, through time and into another world. Teek and his brave band of ground squirrels begin a series of dangerous adventures in an effort save their colony and their canyon. As they do, they meet Walter and Sofia who share a common bond with the creatures of the canyon. They find that their destinies merge.

The three books merge the destinies of some special humans with Teek, his friends, and the colony of Rimrock.